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Addressing Basic Needs & Food Insecurity

By William Redman
Community Writer
05/06/2024 at 11:00 AM

The San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) is proud to announce that the nonprofit organization Pure Land Foundation has been awarded the prestigious Education Medal of Honor for its outstanding contributions to the community through its mobile food pantry initiative.


The award was presented on April 29 by San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Ted Alejandre at the 2024 Spring Awards in recognition of Pure Land Foundation’s dedication to addressing food insecurity and providing essential support to thousands of families in need.


Pure Land Foundation’s mobile food pantry initiative has been a lifeline for families facing food insecurity in our community, particularly during challenging times. Through this initiative, the organization distributes nutritious food items directly to families in underserved areas, ensuring that they have access to healthy meals and essential resources. The mobile food pantry visits various neighborhoods throughout San Bernardino, always operating out of SBCUSD campuses and with support from dozens of student volunteers, serving about a thousand families each month and making a meaningful difference in their lives.


“SBCUSD is honored to have nominated Pure Land Foundation for the Education Medal of Honor, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to them on this well-deserved recognition,” said Superintendent Mauricio Arellano. “We’re working hard to elevate not just our school district but also our community. If we’re able to meet a lot of the basic needs of our families, we believe that’s going to have a monumental impact not just to the District but to the city as a whole. Pure Land Foundation’s commitment to serving our community aligns with our District’s mission to support the well-being of all students and families. We are grateful for their partnership and the invaluable support they provide to our community.”


Pure Land Foundation’s efforts exemplify the spirit of compassion and service that strengthens our community, according to Pure Land Foundation’s founder and CEO Michael Tsai, who accepted the award on the nonprofit’s behalf.


“We as community partners want to help,” Tsai said in a moving acceptance speech. “We believe that education is the great equalizer, however not every family and not every child starts off on the same footing as one another.”