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Celebrate Achievements with a Graduation Newspaper Ad

Are you ready to honor your graduate's remarkable journey? City News Group is delighted to offer you a unique opportunity to celebrate your student's achievements in our esteemed local newspapers. Whether they're donning a cap and gown from preschool or a university, we're here to help you share their success story with the community.

Why Choose a Graduation Newspaper Ad?

  • Capture Memories: Commemorate this milestone with a cherished keepsake that your graduate will treasure for years to come.

  • Community Connection: Showcase your graduate's accomplishments to friends, family, and neighbors, strengthening their bonds within the local community.

  • Personalized Touch: Customize your ad with photos, heartfelt messages, and design elements that reflect your graduate's unique personality and journey.

How It Works?

  1. Select Your Newspaper: Choose from our array of local newspapers, including Colton City News, Grand Terrace City News, Loma Linda City News, Moreno Valley City News, Redlands City News, and San Bernardino City News.

  2. Craft Your Ad: Personalize your creation by uploading a cherished photo and composing heartfelt messages. As an added touch, we'll generate a QR Code that accompanies the ad, allowing you to effortlessly scan and share this special moment with your dear ones.

  3. Preview and Submit: Review your creation and make any necessary adjustments. Once you're satisfied, submit your ad for publication.

Publication Details

  • Publication Date: Your graduation ad will be published in the upcoming edition of the selected local newspaper.

  • Distribution: Reach thousands of readers within your community, ensuring your graduate's accomplishments receive the recognition they deserve.

Discover Our Graduation Ad Pricing and Packages

Celebrate your graduate's achievements across six dynamic newspapers, spanning from your very own local community to nearby cities. Our platform empowers you to share your heartwarming ads with a wider audience, making your tribute truly special. With each newspaper publication priced at a mere $35.00 per week, commemorating your graduate's journey has never been more accessible.

Affordable Excellence

We understand the importance of celebrating your graduate's milestones without breaking the bank. That's why we've kept our pricing simple and affordable. For just $35.00 per week, you can publish your heartwarming ad in the newspaper of your choice, reaching countless readers and sharing your graduate's success with the community.

Capture Memories Across Communities

Whether your graduate is moving on from preschool, high school, or university, our newspapers provide a platform to capture these precious moments across different communities. With our budget-friendly pricing, you can confidently create a lasting memory that resonates with readers near and far.

Make Your Graduate's Mark Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase your graduate's journey to success. Explore our diverse range of newspapers and embark on an inspiring tribute that will touch hearts and leave a lasting legacy. Start your journey with us by choosing your preferred newspapers and taking advantage of our affordable pricing at just $35 per week.

Celebrate and Commemorate Today

Join us in celebrating your graduate's triumphs and milestones. Don't miss the chance to create a lasting memory that will be treasured for a lifetime. Complete the form below now and make your student's graduation an unforgettable event in the hearts of your local community.

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Congratulate Your Grad!

Memorialize your children's achievements in a historical way by publishing them in your local newspapers, and online.

Colton City News | Grand Terrace City News | Loma Linda City News | Moreno Valley City News | Redlands City News | San Bernardino City News

With graduation season just around the corner, parents and grandparents will want to highlight this next chapter of their special student’s life in a memorable way, and what better way to do that in the City News Group local newspaper, and online for the world to see how proud you are of them and their accomplishments.

In today’s times, moments, events, and news are being pulled into the online versions of things, and leaving the public with less tangible and significant items to keep and cherish. You can even order a plaque prior to the publication and use them as a table center piece. You can even use them in the old fashioned scrapbook or postcards that you can send out.

It’s time to celebrate life!

That is why at City News Group we want to welcome everyone who is proud of their graduate to be a part of our graduation hardcopy issue. This special edition, on May 25th, is open to students of all kinds who are celebrating the next step in their lives, and leaving them with a moment imprinted in the news evermore.

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  • $10.00 Per City Per Plaque
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Thank you for submitting your graduation publication! City News Group is happy and honored to be highlighting your special grad’s success. This special issue will be published May 25, 2023 and soon, their accomplishments will be imprinted in the news and memorialized online for all to see.

It’s time to celebrate life!

It’s time to celebrate life!

Please print and keep this page for your records.

Thank you for sharing with City News Group. Have a wonderful day!

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