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It's Boba Time, Colton: Building Community and Inspiring Futures Through Acts of Service

By Its Boba Time, Colton PR Coordinator
Its Boba Time Community Service
04/25/2024 at 08:26 PM

In just a year of operation, It's Boba Time has solidified its place as a cherished pillar of the Colton community, not only for its delectable beverages but also for its unwavering commitment to giving back. From fundraising initiatives benefiting the Colton High School Football Team and Colton High School Tennis Team to inspiring the next generation through volunteer efforts at local elementary schools, It's Boba Time continues to exemplify the spirit of community service and generosity.

One of the standout contributions from It's Boba Time has been its organization of a fundraiser dedicated to supporting the Colton High School Football Team and Colton High School Tennis Team. By initiating a fundraising event and allocating a portion of its sales to these sports organizations. It's Boba Time not only provided financial assistance but also rallied the community around a common cause, demonstrating the power of collective action in supporting local youth athletics.

But the impact of It's Boba Time extends far beyond the realm of sports. The business has also made a meaningful difference in the lives of students at Paul Rodgers Elementary School and Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Colton through their volunteer efforts. During Career Day events, It's Boba Time's owner and staff took the opportunity to share their experiences as entrepreneurs and business owners, inspiring young minds to dream big and pursue their passions. Additionally, they engaged with the students, discussing what it takes to work at a boba shop and the responsibilities of being a business owner. Most importantly, they distributed swag It's Boba Time backpacks and stickers, leaving a lasting impression on the eager youngsters.

As It's Boba Time continues to thrive, its dedication to serving not only refreshing drinks but also the community remains unwavering. Through acts of service and generosity, the business has become an integral part of the fabric of Colton, embodying the values of compassion, unity, and empowerment.


With each fundraiser, volunteer opportunity, and community engagement initiative, It's Boba Time in Colton reaffirms its status as a beloved staple in the local community. Moreover, if any organization in the community would like to start a fundraiser with It's Boba Time in Colton, they are encouraged to visit the store located at 805 W Valley Blvd or reach out through the website or Email directly to: to explore partnership opportunities.